Gurus of Golf
Gurus of Golf
Joe during one of his teaching seminars.
Joe during one of his teaching seminars.
Joe teaching his students about putting
Joe teaching his students about putting
Some of the Top 100 Teachers of 2012
Some of the Top 100 Teachers of 2012
JC Video System
JC Video System
Tom Ness & I
Tom Ness & I
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"I can speak for Golf Magazine's nine new Top 100 Teachers by saying that it's an honor to join this esteemed group. A mentor of mine said, 'Golf is simple — it's just not easy.' I teach simplicity. People get simple. Simple works. What gets me juiced is that voice mail from a student saying, 'I just shot my best round ever!' I had a guy who was hitting a 175-yard drive with a huge slice. We got him releasing the club and suddenly, boom — 250 yards down the middle. He yelled an eight-octave 'Holy s---!' I love what I do. I'd do it for free. [Pauses.] Well, almost."

Hallett, 47, teaches at the Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, Tenn


From the Sidelines

What happened this week at Vanderbilt? We will be including digital video reviews which will be automatically uploaded to your private locker.  From there you can check all your states, schedule your lesson and design your schedule to impove your game

Total game improvement is your key to success!

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Joe Hallett, PGA

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  • 2013 PGA Tennessee Section Horton Smith Finalist

  • 2013 PGA National Horton Smith Finalist

  • 2006-2013 PGA President's Council on Growing the Game
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tel:  -Direct/Cell   352-267-1898
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       -Toll Free     888-268-GOLF

Game Improvement Center
Check out the video vault where you can see the latest tips from Joe Hallett. America's top 100 Instructor gives you step by step directions which you can apply to your game.  See super slow motion instant replay with Joe's detailed analysis showing you why his students rank among the best in the world. 

It takes more than a perfect swing to manage your golf game and your keys to success can be analytically detailed using our New Shot Tracker program!